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Naftali, Story Voyager on the Yiddish Seas
Naftali is your captain and Isaac Bashevis Singer's old world tales are your passport to this lost world of the Jews.

Our newest offering! I.B. Singer's old world tales bring to life the rich characters, language, music and humor of this vanished world. Children will learn to distinguish a shlemeil from a shlemazel, and will plotz over hilarious situations and breathtaking chutzpah.


Grades K-8
Available from October 12th
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Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Well-Being:
The Story of Lillian Wald

Lillian Wald was a nurse and champion of the vulnerable in society, revolutionizing the way we approach health and well being in this country. From the trenches of the New York tenements to the shores of Japan, Wald's life offers powerful testimony that one person can bring about tremendous change. 100 years ago, Lillian Wald changed the world. Let her story inspire your students today.


Grades 4-8
Adult Version Available
Available All Year
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Page2Stage Express

These 45 minute interactive performances will inspire your audience and stimulate great conversations. Facilitated talkbacks and in-depth study guides complete the learning experience.

Jewish Theatre Collaborative (JTC) is a cultural organization that uses stories from the past and present to promote understanding and ignite conversations about our world today.

Naftali, Story Voyager on the Yiddish Seas
Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Well-Being


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