The Loman Family Picnic
by Donald Margulies


Press 1 (PDF)
2012 Drammy Awards

The Arena Stage at Theater! Theatre!
May 10th - June 3rd, 2012

Stage Direction:
Sacha Reich

Jill Westerby, Jason Glick, Bryce Earhart, Dylan Earhart and Sara Fay Goldman

Support From:
The Harold and Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation
The Ida Toff / Joseph & Celia Tushin Fund of the OJCF
The Oregon Jewish Community Foundation's
Endowment Fund

It's 1965 and we are in Brooklyn, New York.


Herbie sells lighting fixtures, is chronically overworked and underpaid;

Doris, his wife, tells herself repeatedly (and whomever may be listening) that she loves her life even though, as the play begins, she is shredding her wedding dress;

Stewie, their older son, eagerly awaits his bar mitzvah with an eye less on its religious aspects than on the potential loot to be gained in gifts;

all the while Mitchell, 11, notes parallels between his family and Arthur Miller's fictional Loman Family.

This hysterically funny drama of a 1960's Jewish family coming apart at the seams as their son becomes a Bar Mitzvah includes Willy! a heartwarming musical based on Death of a Salesman.



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Loman Family Picnic
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