A Pigeon & A Boy
by Meir Shalev


2013-2014 Season
Chapter One
November 3-5, 2013

Memory's Landscape
January 26-28, 2014

Wrestling with Home
February 23-25, 2014

March 22-April 12, 2013

Press 1
Press 2
Press 3
Press 4
Press 5 (pdf)

Milagro Theatre
March 22-April 12, 2014

Sacha Reich

Adapted By:
Sacha Reich and Doren Elias

Lorraine Bahr, Chantal DeGroat, Sam Dinkowitz, Doren Elias, Nick Ferrucci, Crystal Muñoz, Matthew Pavik, Darius Pierce* and Jamie M. Rea
*Member Actors' Equity Association

Design Team:
Henk Pander, Sharath Patel, Kristeen Crosser and Alison Heryer

"A homing pigeon must love her home, otherwise she will not wish to return to it." – Meir Shalev

Tel Aviv, 2002. Jerusalem 1948.

A quest for home unites the stories of an Israeli tour guide who has lost his way and a war torn romance propelled by homing pigeons. A passionate tale of two loves that become one.

Script may be licensed for production


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